What have I been doing the past 2 years?

Here I am writing in the middle of night when it would be more useful to pay $.99 for porn. At least I could get 5 minutes of a quick thrill and keep someone employed.

The year nearly ended and this is a time to reflect back on our accomplishments.

All I can think is I haven’t done enough.

I will do what I can do more.

At least write more. Just to keep my insanity in check.

Got to focus.

I’ve been in Thailand for the past two weeks for my vacation.  In these two weeks, I notice part of the reason I wasn’t so much of a fan living in China was because there were two things I have been missing in my life: circus and humanitarian work.

I have trained on and off in Aerial Silks for 2 years. Plus, I have been volunteering and working in humanitarian work for 3 years.   I was at my happiest when I was doing the two. I was doing what I can figure out how I can combine the two.

I love to help people smile.
People in the USA need art more than ever.

One day, hopefully I’ll make a career out of it. One day, I’ll day I’ll be good enough to be in a circus troop.

Siesta Time in China!


Chinese people take nap time seriously. Around 12:00-14:00, most places are shut down and don’t be surprised to see people taking naps on the pavement, restaurant tables, and their offices.

Comic Written by Me.

Drawn by Fangimation.


Same old, Same old…

daenara-1-1Sometimes there are moments where a firewall can be a good thing.  I forget how much the media in America loves to inflict fear.

Comic was written by me: Daenara

Drawn by Alan Clark AKA Aldous Huxley

Christmas Commercialism FTW!


平安夜 (Píng’ān yè) : Peaceful night; Christmas Eve.

圣诞节快乐(Shèngdàn jié kuàilè): Happy Holy Birth; Merry Christmas

309199400042342225Christmas isn’t an official holiday here in China. I was very lucky to come on a year where Christmas Eve and Christmas day are both on a weekend or else I would still have school or work on one these days. Regardless of Christmas not being officially celebrated, there was a still a part of me that wanted to participate in the western winter festivities somehow.

Never in my life I would think: Thank goodness for commercialism of Christmas! Outside of the shopping malls around my school I saw tons of holiday lights and fake Christmas trees, not to mention holiday shopping sales.  Wuhan definitely loves to cater to foreigners. (Especially, if they have money to spend!)

Even though Christmas isn’t an official holiday, the locals still like celebrating it. In fact, on Christmas eve, vendors will sell apples in cute boxes for people to give to friends. The gift is a token of peace for the night.902376147728986441
The reason for this is because the character 平 (Píng) is also the same character used for the world apple, 苹果  (Píngguǒ). It was very kind and sweet when a vendor at one the places I shop for my clothes saw me and went out of his way to give me one.

355221172011624978To make thingsbetter, my life partner, Alex, came to see me. Not only for this time to celebrate Christmas but our first anniversary. During the last week, we gathered friends together for board games, sightseeing, practice mandarin, and went out to feast on the local food like hot pot and BBQ Fish.

Alex and I both laughed at how we were so happy to be at Starbucks for Christmas Eve since it was the closest thing to western culture we could get to at the time. But, unlike the Western World, Starbucks coffee is actually good quality here!


新年快乐 (Xīnnián kuàilè): Happy New Year.





You’re Fat.



One thing I appreciate about living in China is that people are blunt here. If a friend notices you gain weight, have acne, look tired, etc, YOU WILL KNOW!
Of course, beauty standards in China includes: being porcelain white and thin. Thus, locals make fun of the North Korean’s dictator, Kim Jong-un. However, he is known to have a bit of a temper…
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The comic is written by me, Daenara

Drawn by my friend Alan Clark (Aldous Huxley).

Ladies please take note.

Guess what?

You are worth more than a piece of skin!  It has come to my attention that a fair amount of my female friends are worried about judged due to losing their virginity or discussing concerns about sex.

I wanted to emphasise: You are worth more than a piece of skin!  Granted, I understand you all come from backgrounds that hold strong traditions. In these traditions, there is value placed on piece of skin that can easily be broken from doing the splits and/or horse back riding. I want you to understand, you offer more than this.

You are worth more than a piece of skin!  Any man who wouldn’t want you because of this, isn’t really a man. Real men want women who can offer not just a pretty body, but a beautiful brain to match.

You are worth more than a piece of skin! You offer a divine soul that is worth knowing. That is worth being with. That is capable of doing so many things.

You are worth more than a piece of skin! I’m not saying to go out and become sex workers. (Unless that is what you want….) But, what I am saying is you are a person. You are human being. You shouldn’t be treated any less because of it.

You are worth more than a piece of skin! You deserve to love yourself no matter what happens. I’m letting you know you still deserve to be loved.

Because guess what?

You are worth more than a piece of skin!